Inspiration Behind MohchaMusings

Greetings friends!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the longest time but was a wee bit afraid (and confused) as to where, how, and when to start. I finally overcame my perfectionist streak and purposed within myself to get started. However, two important questions snickered at me: 1) What the heck would I blog about anyway?! 2) After I came up with my blog’s general theme, what would I title it??

It’s a pretty cool story, actually. After I settled on combining my love of words and journaling, I brainstormed innumerable ideas. Daily Word? Sounds like a devotional. Fab Vocab? Sounds like a hip, homeschool mom. Cafe Nouvelle?  Sounds like a fashionable, French coffee shop. 

*despondent sigh*

A few nights later, I was tossing and turning in bed mumbling countless alliterative combos. My determination was on high gear. Earlier in the day, I spent some time with the Lord and asked Him to help me name my blog. (Nothing is too tiny for Thee…) In a split second, I jumped up in bed, flipped my lamp on, and breathlessly wrote down a name: MohchaMusings. It was almost as if the name was dropped into my mind. I hightailed downstairs before I had a chance to think too much and created the blog on the spot. I was ecstatic.

Mocha = I adore coffee.  Moh  = The French word for word is ‘mot’, pronounced moh. Musings = Meditative; meditation; reflection.

Well, there you have it! I’ll be sharing new words and their definitions, relating them to some happenstance, circumstance, friend-stance, coffee-stance, school-stance, work-stance (I think you get the point. Haha) in my life and the world around me. I hope you’re blessed, inspired, and learn something new!

~Lina Marie 🙂


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