Airport Encounter

Simpatico: congenial or like-minded; likable

I arrived at my terminal a little bit too early.

My father dropped me off at the airport in time to speed back to get my brother for something, so I had some time to kill before my airplane was to leave in two hours. I decided to catch up on my Bible reading plan (because I seem to always be behind on it!) and flipped to Exodus where God was giving some laws and requirements for His people.

Being a people watcher, it was hard for my eyes not to wander and smile at what people were up to — the Asian family who was taking pictures of the airplane, little girls excitedly reading books, businessmen scrolling purposefully on their phones, people rushing to and fro with a cup of coffee and a hurried expression. I turned to my right and an airport cleaning lady was sweeping big pieces of trash off the carpet. She walked right behind me and said, “You look like you’re happy!” To which I replied, “I’m usually always happy” and warmly smiled back at her. Her face displayed surprise and she mentioned how she was often happy too.

I resumed my Bible reading before she came back and said, “I hardly meet people that have such a good presence and are usually happy, so I had to share this with you.” She was an older lady who was raised in Israel, moved to the States after she got married, and got involved in some spiritual community based in California. She shared her journey of peace, happiness, and getting more in touch with herself. She even had me look up some names on Google having to do with the spiritual movements and people. I didn’t do much talking but allowed her to have the floor as she excitedly shared as what most, she said, wouldn’t “get.” Her enthusiasm was contagious even though I didn’t agree with much of what she said.

I was not interested in sharing my contact information with someone I hardly knew, but she walked off happy. It occurred to me that when we live as whole, God-fearing, joyful people, others notice. It often doesn’t even take words. It’s a wonderful thing.

~Lina Marie